Underwater filming
Aquawork always offers the best quality in contents as well as in production and technical equipments. Only through the combination of these three elements, plus a delicate treatment in image and sound post production, we can get the best results.
We keep progressing with the new adquisition of the digital cinema camera DSMC2 Red Gemini

Underwater equipment
AQUAWORK’s new camera goes within an underwater housing Nauticam Weapon LT. The underwater camera operator is Rafa Herrero and the underwater illuminator is Andrea Casini, both professionals with a wide experience in the field of underwater filiming.
A close-circuit equipment Evolution + CCR design, with operative working capacity up to - 100 meters depth, according to the qualification of their operators. These equipments allow a bigger stay under the water and closer approach to wild life, as they do not loose any bubbles.

Semi-closed circuit model Mares Horizon with working capacity up to 40 meters deep, significantly stretching on immersion time and impact on the environment.
Red Gemini DSMC2 digital cinema camera, featuring a sensor capable of capturing 1 to 120 frames per second at full resolution.

Underwater housing for the RED Epic cinema camera by Nauticam:
- Designed for professional underwater use
- 4.7" Back window on DSMC2 RED Touch.
- Total control on all menus through DSMC2 Sidekick.
- Manual control for focus and zoom.
- HD-SDI exit and 7" external monitor.
- 4 V-mount PAGlink PL150 Wh. Batteries.
- 2 480GB. Red mini-mag cards.
- Canon mount from ultra angulars to telescopes.
- 9.25" optical-glass wide-angle dome or macro port.

Working depth -100 meters

Underwater lighting with OrcaLight
Under the water light loses intensity, working as an inmense blue filter that absorbs warmer colours as we descend. Besides, visibility is poorer than outside and therefore, lighting of close-ups is very important to bring out colours with all their intensity and to stress all life teeming in the ocean.


Two professional diving light Seawolf 2260 from OrcaLight with 22.000 lumens each.
Two professional diving light Seawolf 1860 from OrcaLight with 30.000 lumens each.

Other underwater equipment
Ronin 3-Axis stabilized handheld gimbal system
We have implemented a surprising stabilization system for filming from the boat: Ronin 3-Axis stabilized handheld gimbal system with a system of springs and pulleys that allow us shooting with the Red Gemini like we were with a tripod on land.

Seawolf 2260


Seawolf 2260